Purposes Of Retaining Walls on Commercial Properties

When asking about the purpose of the retaining wall, most people would say that it is for holding back soil, but do not let this answer fool you. Retaining walls, with their intricate engineering structure, can do so much than just holding back the soil in your territory. Since ancient times, they have proven their worth and usefulness in keeping any territory, especially those that are terraced. Now, companies for retaining walls Bay Area make sure that they still provide the best quality retaining walls that can do the functions assigned to them.  


It is important to take note that there different kinds of retaining walls and each kind plays its role in protecting certain structures. So, what are the purposes of retaining walls on commercial properties? Let us find out now.  

1. Holds back not just soil but water too – yes, while it is common knowledge that retaining walls hold back soil, they have been used to hold back water too. There is a specialized type of retaining wall called seawall that separates the water from the land. Other purposes of this type of retaining wall include keeping the shoreline from shifting, protecting the shore from erosion, and creating a harbor or docking area.  

2. Makes some spaces in slope useable – there are places all around the globe that make use of their mountains and live there. Some communities even make use of them for farming. Take for instance the Rice Terraces in the Philippines. This would not be possible without the sophisticated engineering of the farmers that allows them to use the space in terraces. These terraces are mostly protected by retaining walls. This technique can be useful not just for the farmers, but also for individuals who live in urban places.  

3. It makes a flat area – when your territory is sloped and terraced, you wouldn’t be able to use the space that much and it could also be so dangerous. Having retaining walls will make space for a flat area which is more useful compared to the sloped areas. This can allow for the construction of other projects or even buildings. This is how useful and practical retaining walls are.  

4. It improves the curbs and the aesthetics value of your property – Admit it, sloped areas are not just useless, they are also a little bit bad to look at. When your terraced area is protected and installed with retaining walls, it can look so much better than looking at it bare. Also, when you choose the right materials for your retaining walls, it can do so much when it comes to providing aesthetic value to your property. It can even add value for future house selling plans.  

5. Easy maintenance – sloped areas are difficult to maintain compared to flat areas. By having a retaining wall, maintaining your territory will become easier.  

There are still a lot of things that your retaining walls can do, and depending on the type, retaining walls are very useful in different situations.  

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