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What we do,
and why we do it.


Here at Unique Secure, we have the customer at the centre of everything we do.  We drive ourselves to deliver the best possible solutions that enable customers to offer safer, more innovative payment and service experiences.

The creative cauldron bubbles constantly here – and the sales team are always putting more wood under it by engaging with customers to understand their pain points and business initiatives, and bringing that back so our innovators, product designers and engineers we can work out how to address them.

Our solutions are deployed worldwide – including N and S America, across Europe and Africa.  Ranging from traditional PED physical security and mounting, to multi-channel enabling mPOS skins and docks, and of course, our MePOS product that will transform the status quo of the Point of Sale terminal.

We are unique in so many ways – our people, our thought process, our engagement with customers, the way we work, the user experience, and of course our products.

Whether you have been shopping for clothes, enjoying a chat with friends in a coffee shop, or grabbed a quick burger, you are likely to have been experiencing the discrete, functional yet stylish experience of Unique Secure.

Secure?  Yes.  Ubiquitous?  Yes.  Discrete?  Yes.  Unique?  Yes.

People, products, thinking, delivery, experience, approach?  Unique and Secure!

What we do

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