Enabling mass testing for CoVID-19 Unique Secure release Point of Care solution.

Unique Secure are extremely proud to have been chosen to collaborate on this critical project and be the company chosen to deliver a solution so pertinent for the new emerging world we all now live in. Unique Secure’s solid experience in delivering innovation through technology development will ensure that this rapid point-of care diagnostic kit is made available to those facilities that most need it.

Starting in 2018 the highly experienced Professor Wamadeva Balachandran had a vision, to revolutionise the way virus testing is performed and enable non laboratory trained individuals to perform tests in real-time and gain laboratory standard results. Working together we are delivering these principals and enabling the solution specifically on CoVID-19.

Our portable testing station will enable multiple simultaneous field base tests to be performed and produce real time laboratory standard results through AI & IoT technology. As these tests can be administered by anyone to anyone and anywhere the applications are infinite, any business that has their own team to protect can now do so.

The testing station can be easily distributed and used within any facility and the operator does not need to be medically trained to perform the tests. The unit is capable of testing up to 6 individual tests simultaneously and producing results within 30-40 minutes. All data collected is secure and available from a centralised location for analytics; our patient application integrates with existing virus tracking applications seamlessly.

Initially targeted at the current CoVID-19 virus and associated strains, however, it is built as a platform and can be trained to test for new viruses as they appear. We can give organisations much needed laboratory standard equipment to use to plan and manage against current and future virus pandemics.

We are actively engaging all organisations interested in either supporting the development in taking this solution to market or using it themselves. If you would like to be involved in our program please get in touch by completing the form in our contact page to submit your details and a little detail as to how you would like to be involved.

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