Why Your Customers Expect High Tech at Point of Sale

Your customers are tech-savvy and have constant access to the internet and information, whether on their computers, tablets, or mobiles. They no longer need to wait for information, answers or orders and will likely be armed with facts before you get a chance to speak to them. They have everything they need in front of them, and the growth of on-demand services is shifting expectations; what was fast, is now slow and unacceptable. But, at the same time as wanting speedy service, they expect personalised customer service, great deals, and when it comes to payments and personal information, assurance that their information is secure. A high-tech point of sale (POS) system can help you meet all your customer expectations, and listed here are some of the reasons why.

It’s convenient

Your customers want convenience, and the more high-tech your POS system is, the more likely you are to be able to provide it. Switching between devices is common; your customer may research a product on their computer, check stock on their phone but come into the store to order and pay. But, if they have entered personal details or maybe half completed the ordering process, they don’t want to have to re-enter it, and with a high-tech POS system they won’t need to. Everything should integrate seamlessly together to make all parts of the process, from researching to purchasing and returning as smooth as possible.

When it comes to payments themselves, you want to offer as much flexibility as possible. Mobile wallets are increasing in popularity, enabling customers to reduce multiple payment and store cards to a simple mobile phone app. If their mobile is all they have with them and you can’t accept their payment, you are the one who loses out as they are forced to spend their money elsewhere.

It’s faster

Your customers lead hectic lives and are always on the lookout for quicker ways of doing things, and high-tech POS systems tend to be faster. Not only is the interface likely to be more seamless and quicker to navigate, but also the increased level of flexibility means the whole payment process is speeded up. The ability to order and pay via a mobile phone app, for example from your table in a restaurant or before arriving in a coffee shop, cuts out queues altogether, whilst the introduction of self-service payment kiosks, like MePOS, removes the need for staff interaction and can speed up ordering of meals in fast food restaurants or payments for products in a store. Sometimes more conventional tills are the ideal payment method, but even this is speeded up with the incorporation of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which enables contactless payments – some of the fastest payment methods available.

And if queues are building up, being able to convert your POS from fixed to mobile or having M-POS available to deploy can be a massive benefit to customers by enabling staff to move through the queue and process payments quickly. MePOS Mobile is a great solution to help your staff process transactions anywhere in store, either to bust a queue or just to be as responsive as possible to your customer’s needs.

It’s more secure

Our increased use of and reliance on technology means our personal data is everywhere. It’s convenient as, for example, we don’t need to enter the same information over and over again when we log in and pay for products on line. But, it comes with a certain level of risk – identity theft and fraud are real issues. Therefore, customers are always looking for reassurance that their payment methods are secure. For one thing, high-tech POS systems look the part and inspire confidence, whilst older systems may make customers question how up to date their security measures are. But, more importantly, they actually are more secure. A cloud based POS system can be updated automatically and often with minimal disruption to service. Data is backed up on multiple servers and is safe from cyber-attacks, so the chance of loss or theft is minimised.

It’s more accurate

Mistakes happen. It’s a part of life and normally not a big problem, but it does slow down service and can be an inconvenient  for customers who are either left waiting for longer than necessary or are stuck having to deal with problems or returns – just another thing to add to their already long to-do-list. High-tech POS systems can reduce the likelihood that things go wrong. For example, they can keep better control of your stock levels so you don’t run out or sell something that you don’t actually have in stock or they can reduce the likelihood of restaurants getting your order wrong by cutting out the middle man. Orders are sent straight from a mobile POS system to the kitchen; no tickets get lost and no handwriting is misunderstood.

It’s more personal

Your customers love saving money and getting a good deal, but the more personalised the better – there is no point giving a dog owner, vouchers for cat food, for example. A high-tech POS system can help with this as they are perfect for collecting customer data. Integrating loyalty cards or keeping track of customer purchases enables you to target your marketing and deals to each customer individually.

If you would like to know more about how a high-tech MePOS system can help you meet your customer expectations, speak to us today.


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