Dry Lining Supplies,

The problem

Dry Lining supplies had no automated or integrated solution for their POS. They were doing all the hard work, reconciling daily both transactions and payments. Having to double check everything was correct and if an error was found it would be a longer process correcting it.

An order over 5 items typically took a long time to process, locating the item in the price in the book, writing it out, applying discounts, VAT manually; then inputting to the till and card reader separately, most orders were over 5 items, leading to queues and disgruntled customers.

Our customers think we look more professional and we have been able to serve them quicker with the new solution.


Dry Lining Supplies chose eposnow, supplied through Happy POS who installed and support the site, along with MePOS Pro, Unique Secure’s fixed to mobile POS hardware.

The Solution

The MePOS and eposnow solution has helped Dry Lining Supplies become more efficient, streamlined and profitable. The software and payments being integrated has removed human error at the POS and also saved them an hour a day reconciling their transactions! Having a real time stock view has been a huge benefit allowing them to make decisions on where they position stock and order.
It has been a game changer for them!