Friska Food,

MePOS, simple and elegant

Friska started out as a place where you could eat breakfast & lunch and grab a great coffee, they have now expanded to having 12 sites across the UK and are growing! One of those sites is located at Bristol Science and Research Park.

Friska were looking to improve their existing POS hardware as they were experiencing costs for replacing cables, having difficulty completing mobile tasks with the heavy solution and they felt the general appearance at the till point could be improved.

Choosing a solution that solved the challenges we had was simple as the MePOS takes care of it all. It has been designed with the user in mind, so charging security and aesthetics are all on point. I would recommend it without hesitation.

Jerome, Manager

Friska chose to install MePOS Lite, a solution that allowed them to encase cables, removing costly replacements, secure charging and make sure their POS was always charged. It also was considerably lighter than the previous solution allowing staff members to complete stock checks and cleaning checks without complaint.

Because the cable inside the MePOS solution in encased and plugged in, there is no removing them to become mobile or inserting them to charge. It is simply a click and release mechanism that is hard-wearing and robust.

MePOS at Friska, Bristol Science and Research Park

Friska staff have also commented on how the solution has helped them engage more with customers as it is higher than the previous solution, allowing for better eye contact and engagement.

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