Surrey Sports Park,

The Problem

A well-known coffee chain in Surrey Sports Park was relying on an EPOS system designed for small restaurants and coffee shops. With over 2,000 transactions taking place at the counter every week, they were struggling to keep up with the rate of service and demands of customers. Long queues were a common occurrence.

The EPOS system itself was bulky, and tablet stands weren’t fixed or secure. One of the major complaints of staff was that the whole system had to be removed and locked away every night. This was neither easy for staff nor good for the EPOS, which was in danger of being dropped and damaged. Unplugging the tablets from the charger also meant they could lose their charge overnight, which caused unnecessary stress and longer waits during the morning coffee rush.

9/10 for the MePOS Lite system. Staff love it, it’s customer facing and they’re not looking down anymore. I would recommend MePOS to other hospitality businesses.

Elizabeth Connelly, Manager

On the counter, cables were exposed, sitting at awkward angles and often plugged and unplugged by staff wishing to charge their phones. They would break frequently and have to be replaced regularly, which was an additional cost and resulted in downtime or a reduced service while IT staff searched the premises for new cables.

“Quite often people come in and say it’s not charging. You go out there and can see the cable is all frayed and damaged.  We don’t keep a pile of them, so it’s a case of running around trying to find a spare cable” commented Mat Surtrees, the IT Manager.

Sitting directly on the counter, the EPOS system took up considerable space and interfered with service. It sat at a low level so was bad for staff posture and meant that rather than looking up and making eye-contact with customers, staff were looking down and sacrificing the personal touch. There was also no easy access to the tablets themselves; removing them from their case to press a simple reset button could take up to five minutes, which is a long time when queues are building.

Finally, the EPOS had limited functionality and no mobile capability. With no opportunity to serve customers while in the queue or at their tables, the system was quickly becoming obsolete, particularly in a coffee house environment with customers including students and professionals who like to work on their laptops while enjoying their coffees.

The Solution

The MePOS Lite system has substantially improved the coffee chain’s sales process with managers recommending the MePOS Lite over the old system and staff reporting that they “absolutely love” the new system.

“The MePOS Lite is so lightweight, and looks so tidy and smart compared to the other metal stand; I much prefer it” said Elizabeth Connelly, Manager.

One of the main benefits is that the tablets are now secured to the stands and the counter so no longer need to be removed at the end of the day and security is improved. But that isn’t the only problem MePOS addresses. MePOS Lite is a charging stand with robust connectors designed specifically for easy release, which solves both the battery life issues and the monthly requirement for new cables – tablets are fully charged all the time. Tablets are also now accessible and easy to reset should something go wrong, which is a big weight off staff’s minds.


It looks much neater than our old system and there’s no need to constantly replace cables which is a big saving. It works great for us. I’d recommend MePOS to other businesses.

Mat Surtrees, IT Manager

As well as looking smarter and sleeker, the MePOS Lite system sits higher on the counter and takes up considerably less space. Staff can stand up straight and serve customers with a smile rather than the tops of their heads, which has “definitely made an impact” and makes a huge difference to the level of customer service offered.

The coffee house has yet to delve into table service but having the MePOS Lite in place means they are set-up to do so should they wish. The extra mobility also enables staff to serve customers from the queue rather than at the counter, which will speed up service and reduce waiting times. With a whole range of MePOS products on offer, the coffee house EPOS system is no longer holding them back; it is futureproofed and will evolve along with them.