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How MePOS can help your business.

MePOS is an ecosystem of intelligent, tablet based Point of Sale hardware solutions

At Unique Secure, we're a design-led business with innovation in our blood. We want our products to be best in class in terms of quality, design and functionality. We’re always thinking of better and different ways to do things and that includes thinking about how our products can enhance and improve your business.

We’ve been working in the Point of Sale industry for more than 10 years and we’ve always been at the forefront of innovation. Our MePOS product range is designed from the inside out to be best in class for Point of Sale and Point of Interaction hardware.

We’ve also spent a lot of time making sure MePOS is both flexible and modular: each product works in multiple modes and is able to morph from mobile to fixed with ease. We think this is of vital importance in the world of today and it’s one of the things that makes our product range unique.

We know that your business is unique too and we’re dedicated to providing the best possible products for you, tailored to meet your needs.

MePOS can work in so many different ways: at Point of Sale, at Point if Interaction, as a self service kiosk or as a mobile queue buster. We’ve put together the following examples, to give you a flavour of what MePOS can do.

Interactive Retail Use Case:

Just click on the markers in the illustration below to see the applications for MePOS in a retail environment.

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Customer Loyalty Programs
MePOS Lite at the entrance of your store is an ideal point of interaction allowing customers to register or login to loyalty programs.

Brand your POS
MePOS Pro can be fully wrapped in your choice of graphics making it easy to brand your Point of Sale.

Fixed Integrated Point of Sale
MePOS Pro is a sleek, minimalist solution for fixed Point of Sale plus it converts to mobile in seconds.

mPOS Ready to go
5 way charging dock simultaneously charges 5 MePOS Mobile solutions meaning you’re always ready to queue bust, when things get busy.

Real time available data
MePOS Mobile is perfect for updating stock, providing real time data to all store staff and head office systems.

Capturing Sales
Placing MePOS Pro at the exit to changing rooms allows the attendant to capture sales immediately.

Self Service
MePOS Lite+ is a great solution for self serve positions in store like click and collect. Customers can locate, orders and pay, without needing to engage with staff.

Interactive Hospitality Use Case:

Just click on the markers in the illustration below to see the applications for MePOS in a hospitality environment.

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Register your car & sign up for loyalty
MePOS Lite is ideal as a secure charging tablet stand for customers needing to self register car registrations or check into customer loyalty programs.

Customer information
When reception is busy, use MePOS Mobile to interact with customers and gather information.

Limited Space
Detach payment pillar and mini tablet tower from your MePOS Pro and still retain receipt printing capabilities by placing the MBU under the counter.

Floating Server
MePOS Mobile allows servers to take orders which go straight to kitchen and take payment at the table.

Branded MePOS Pro at the restaurant door makes checking reservations and available tables easy, plus you can take payment as customers leave.

Ready for deployment
The 5 way charging dock means you’re always ready to deploy MePOS Mobile for queue busting when things get busy.

Checking In
MePOS Pro at hotel reception is ideal for checking customers in, checking availability and taking payment.

Self Service
MePOS Lite+ is ideal for self serve points of interaction where customers can find out information or book and pay for services.