Looking Good! First Impressions Count for EPOS

First impressions count. What your customers think in the first few seconds can set the tone for their whole experience and determine whether they become loyal repeat customers or one-offs. Whether it is the look or layout of your premises or interaction with your employees, a welcoming introduction and good first impression can help form opinions and make the difference between positive or negative feedback. And, word of mouth spreads.

How can your EPOS make an impression?

Point of Sale (POS) systems are integral to a business and they have pride of place on the shop floor.  No matter how fast your payments, customers will always spend some time interacting with your EPOS system. They could be standing in a queue waiting to pay, spending time researching products on a self-service Point of Interaction, deciding on upgrades or extras, entering details or finding the answers to questions. It seems obvious, therefore, that your EPOS system should integrate with your brand and become part of your marketing strategy. This is especially true now when most things can be bought online and customers no longer need to physically visit shops to purchase goods. Everything in store needs to play a part in the interactive customer experience.

POS marketing is not new. Branded material and products are often displayed around Points of Sale, an effort by businesses to ensure customers are absorbing marketing information and are encouraged to buy more whilst they wait to pay. But, most EPOS systems are generic looking and don’t make a statement in themselves. MePOS, however, is different. It can be ‘wrapped’ with any design you choose, instantly making your MePOS a part of your brand. Furthermore, MePOS is flexible and can quickly and easily change from being a fixed Point of Sale, to a self service kiosk or a mobile POS system that can be taken to customers wherever they are, whether browsing products in store or eating at tables in restaurants. With a customised MePOS, your brand is advertised everywhere your customers are interacting or paying.

Want an EPOS that can make an impression? Speak to us about investing in MePOS today.