Jazz up your EPOS with MePOS

Electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems are at the centre of any successful business, processing payments, collecting and storing customer data, managing offers, monitoring employees and helping to plan for the future. But, is yours living up to its potential? If not, it’s time to upgrade to MePOS and here’s why.

Modular design

The modular electronic point of sale (MePOS) is a tablet based POS solution that gives you complete control over how you interact with customers. The various components work as MePOS mobile, Lite or Lite+ or come together in the MePOS Pro – there’s a solution to suit every situation and switching between set ups is quick and easy.

Consisting of a tablet skin with a rail to secure a payment device to the back, MePOS mobile is perfect for taking payments on the move, whether from the shop floor, at tables in a restaurant or at a pop up shop or market stall. The two devices clip together seamlessly making it easy to carry around and harder to misplace or steal. But, when mobile isn’t the best option, both devices can be placed into fixed, charging stands using MePOS Lite and Lite+. Expanding even further to the MePOS Pro, attach the tablet and payment device to charging stands which integrate with the main business unit which houses the ‘brain’ and incorporates a printer. MePOS Pro instantly creates a smart-looking static till or customer-led kiosk. The modular set-up means you can effortlessly add more components including cash drawers or other peripherals. Your MePOS expands with you.

Safe and secure

When it comes to technology, no system is completely risk free, but some are more secure than others. With MePOS Pro and MePOS Lite and Lite+, devices are securely locked in place. Furthermore, whilst going mobile has many business advantages, the very definition means devices are easy to move, and thus at risk of theft or tampering. Taking precautions and not leaving devices lying around will minimise risk, but with MePOS, five devices can be locked into the specialised docking station at once, which can also be secured to a surface. Charging tablets and payment devices can then only be accessed with a key, giving you peace of mind.

Elegant and customisable design

In today’s market, when it is so easy to shop online, persuading customers to come in to the store can be a challenge. But shops are rising to the test by providing more interactive experiences, of which EPOS are a big part – yet, they rarely look it. With a sleek design and aesthetic LEDs, MePOS adds panache to any Point of Sale straight tout of the box. You can also customise your MePOS by printing in any design you choose, so your MePOS can advertise your brand or fit in perfectly with your store aesthetic. Interested and would like to know more? Speak to us today.

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