My first time at NRF, January 2019

I am with Unique Secure and it is my job to align myself with ISV’s, Resellers and Distributors across the US. I’m responsible for growing partnerships, educating and getting them just as excited as I am, on a point of sale solution that their customers have been waiting for. One might ask, “How?”.

Meet MePOS

MePOS is an intelligent Tablet based point of sale solution changing the way merchants engage with their customers, it’s a modular and sleek ecosystem of hardware options, it’s flexible, innovative and eye catching..

What’s It Like to Attend NRF?

There’s a first time for everyone and this year 2019, was my year! As I walked into the Javits Centre I walked into a sea of endless new possibilities and opportunities. Each attendee coming to the largest retail conference from all over the globe; had a mind set to see this year’s take on the future of retail from Vendors, to Resellers, ISV’s, Payment Merchants and Retailers themselves. Everyone entering with a common goal and leaving with new insights, new connections, new technologies, new ways to look at Retail and most importantly the consumer experience.

This year MePOS could be found throughout the conference within the Lenovo Retail Solutions booth, the Cherry Booth and finally our exciting new ISV partner Celerant Technology.


Andrina Starika, Director of Channel Sales US with Michele Salerno, Director of Marketing at Celerant Technology and Jay Overholts, Channel Development Manager US.

Our position as a Partner has grown significantly with Lenovo and their Retail strategy in the time since NRF 2018. This year the “Business in a Box” powered by Lenovo was launched across the United States. The solution targets the SMB merchant helping to take the headache out of buying Point of Sale. Along with “Business in a Box” running the cloud Based Epos Now software, we showcased the entire MePOS ecosystem within the Lenovo booth. The MePOS ecosystem helps merchants design a seamless and cohesive POS hardware solution within their environments with the customer experience in mind, the ecosystem is designed to be modular and flexible with the ability to scale from SMB to Enterprise merchants and everyone in between.



As attendees walked the conference floor it was great to watch their second and third looks, lovely smiles and overall interest when it came to the MePOS ecosystem. Our MePOS PRO is quite futuristic and draws you in with it’s unique look and LED display. When approached people would say “Is that really a point of sale?”, “Wow! That is pretty”, “It looks like a cool piece of technology, not your average Point of Sale system.” The comments went on and the crowds formed.

My team and I had a constant flow of traffic making it hard to even walk the floor…. But it wasn’t a problem, it was exciting and invigorating, we couldn’t get enough. The MePOS Pro was certainly the conversation starter which opened endless conversations around the future of retail and most importantly the common theme of mobility and the engagement on the sales floor away from the traditional counter.

I like to say to my customers “We have a solution for that” kind of like “There’s an app for that!”, whether you would like a fixed point of sale, a sleek and clean counter or a mobile play MePOS truly can meet any need.

By the end of the 3 days I realized I had forgotten what is was like to be completely exhausted, I even thought about having the airport trolley take me to my bag when I landed in Buffalo …. I was in full on feet falling off pain. But it really didn’t matter, what helped me forget about the exhaustion was all the follow up I had planned for when I returned home.

I look forward to 2019, it’s going to be a great year! NRF was a fantastic kick-off full of great meetings, new opportunities, new faces and exciting partnerships. I am excited to see what 2019 has in store and will see everyone next year!

Thank You!

Written by Kate Torrey – Channel Development Manager, US

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