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Small Is Beautiful: Why EPOS Is Downsizing

When it comes to electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems, small isn’t just beautiful, it’s practical too. For one thing, the shrinking size of EPOS systems makes them more effi…

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5 Steps to Finding the Right POS Software

Payments are an important part of any business, so you need to get your process right. If not, you run the risk of losing custom to competitors. But, with so many point of sale (EP…

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Unique Secure Opens New Company in China

Unique Secure are thrilled to share the news that we've opened a new company in China: Guangzhou Unique Secure Technology Co., Ltd. This is an exciting step forward for Unique Secu…

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Looking Good! First Impressions Count for EPOS

First impressions count. What your customers think in the first few seconds can set the tone for their whole experience and determine whether they become loyal repeat customers or …

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6 Technology Trends Transforming Point of Sale

Technology is evolving constantly, and Point of Sale (POS) is no different. New payment methods are emerging all the time as companies try to keep up with the needs of consumers, w…

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Keeping Your Cash Flowing

Cash flow is essential to a successful business and it is important to have a strategy or plan in place to monitor and control your incomings and outgoings. There are many ways to …

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Branded casing for modular Point of Sale system

Branded: Changing the Face of Your EPOS

Nowadays, a brand is more than a logo. It is the entire customer experience, even down to how you interact with your customers and their point of sale experience. Making payments i…

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Why Your EPOS Needs To Be Flexible

Life is fast-paced and whether it is in the retail, hospitality or entertainment sector, customers want to be able to make secure, fast and efficient payments from anywhere. Flexib…

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