NRF 2018: lessons and trends

Emily Hunt, Channel Manager went to the Big Apple to attend NRF this year. With so many Unique Secure partners attending, it was too good an opportunity to miss.

12 appointments over three days and a mixture of end user customers, software vendors and partners, meant Emily was pretty busy but still had time to take in a few sites and take a look around the show. Plus, she came back and told us all about it!

Lenovo & Unique Secure

Unique Secure’s MePOS products were on Lenovo’s booth, one of the Bronze sponsors of the exhibition. We work directly with Lenovo which means we can safeguard our customer’s investment by sharing product roadmaps and making sure end users are never without a tablet solution. We also have a fantastic partner programme with Lenovo. Just get in touch to find out more about what the partner program can offer.

On the booth, we set up a MePOS Pro with our partner Omnico’s software. They’re a retail and entertainment focused software provider able to unify interactions across all touchpoints, creating frictionless customer journeys. Emily worked with Omnico to integrate their software on to our hardware and made sure everything was set up correctly at the show. Omnico provided a great demo which we showed over 100 times to retailers, restaurateurs and other end users interested in the solution.

Emily kept a keen eye and ear while she was at the show to find out information about the challenges currently facing retailers.

It’s all about mobile

From the meetings she had, one thing stood out: ‘being mobile’ was viewed as critical yet many people felt that retailers still don’t have a complete solution.

The emphasis on mobile is all about the customer journey, something retailers are looking to improve. And improving their experience in store will encourage customers to return or recommend to friends but simply deploying tablets isn’t enough. It’s the full mobile Point of Sale solution that customers are looking for. Tablets alone fail due to breakages, charging failure and not being a complete solution. For example, the sales assistant needing to return to the counter to complete the transaction, get a receipt and package the purchase.

Fantastic feedback on MePOS

The Unique Secure solution to this problem, MePOS Mobile, unsurprisingly received excellent feedback as a product which really can improve customer experience. MePOS Mobile allows the sales assistant to complete the sale anywhere in store, giving the customer the most convenience and best customer journey.

MePOS Mobile gained so much positive feedback because its lightweight, secures the payment device to the back of the tablet and can be connected via Bluetooth or WIFI to mobile printers. Its tablet and payment device agnostic in its design, gets rid of cable management issues and reduces risk of charging failure. And, most importantly, it requires no integration for software products.

Comments from some NRF attendees included: ‘exactly what I’ve been looking for’, ‘perfect fit’, ‘does everything’ and ‘this is the total solution’.

For Emily and for Unique Secure its fantastic to hear so many retailers and software vendors have such a positive reaction to the product.

Emily’s first NRF was everything she wanted it to be, in her own words: “thank you to everyone who I met and spoke with. It truly was an experience I won’t forget; I’m looking forward to next year!”

To contact Emily, just get in touch.

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