MePOS Config

MePOS Config

Setting up your MePOS Pro is quick and easy with the MePOS Configuration app. Just download from the app store to get started.

MePOS Config is a free app which has been specifically designed to help you set up your MePOS Pro. The step by step set up process means it’s a speedy process to get your MePOS Pro up and running. The easy to use interface simplifies configuration to a few choices making even technical elements like network settings, fool proof for the majority of users. If you need to change a setting in the future, simply re-open the app from your tablet home screen and adjust as needed. Log in details are created at first launch and the app is password protected, meaning settings can be locked so they can’t be changed accidentally.

Supports multiple options for tablets & payment devices:

MePOS Config works with the range of tablets and payment devices supported by MePOS Pro. Supported tablets include Windows, Android and iOS operating systems.

Key Features

  • Download from the app store
  • Free of charge
  • Step by step set up instructions
  • Define network settings
  • Use your Pro as a wireless hub or join an existing network
  • Join network via WIFI or ethernet cable
  • Choose whether or not user have Internet access
  • Choose aesthetic LED colour setting
  • Adjust or lock settings

Logging in

Launching the app for the first time will prompt a login screen where you can fill in your personal details. This creates your MePOS account which gives you access to new developments and support for your MePOS Pro.

Setting Up

MePOS Config will take you through the simple setup process for your MePOS Pro, step by step. You can choose the colour of your aesthetic LEDs, locate your MePOS Pro on your network, and decide on your network settings, including using your Pro as a wireless hub, with or without Internet access, or choosing to join an existing network, by WIFI or ethernet cable.

Check Your Settings

Once you’ve configured your MePOS® you can access your settings screen which shows your network setup, your aesthetic LED colour setting and overall configuration. Accessing this screen also allows you
to adjust or lock settings at any time.

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