MePOS Lite & Lite+

MePOS Lite & Lite+

MePOS Lite is a simple, secure stand and charging solution for countertop tablets. MePOS Lite+ combines MePOS Lite with a payment device and quickly adapts into a mobile POS.

MePOS Lite

MePOS Lite is a hardware specific tablet skin mounted on a secure, countertop charging tower. The tablet is locked in place with a keyed lock and is fully secure against theft. Charging is via the connector in the stand, eliminating clutter and saving money long term on replacing damaged cables. It’s quick and easy to unlock and detach the tablet and convert to a mobile Point of Sale or Point of Interaction.

MePOS Lite+

MePOS Lite+ provides two secure counter top charging points: a tablet tower and a pillar for a mobile payment terminal. It converts quickly and easily from a fixed Point of Sale to a mobile Point of Sale.

Supports multiple options for tablets & payment devices:

MePOS Lite & Lite+ work with a range of tablets and payment devices, including legacy payment devices. Supported tablets include Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. Close relationships with tablet manufacturers mean we’re always ahead of the game when it comes to end of life and solutions for new models.

Key Features

  • Intelligent charging for Windows, iOS & Android
  • Two year warranty
  • Stylish and minimalist
  • Protects devices from damage or theft
  • Improves the look of your Point of Sale
  • Polycarbonate panels and skins in high gloss finish
  • Available in black, white  or custom graphics
  • Fully compliant with accessibility/disability  legislation
  • Complies with PCI DSS requirement 9.9 (v3.2)
  • Add a payment device harness and pillar to MePOS Lite to create MePOS Lite+
  • Convert MePOS Lite+ to MePOS Mobile in seconds
  • Unique smart connectors allow all elements from the MePOS ecosystem to interchange

Switch to Mobile

With MePOS Lite it’s easy to remove the tablet from the secure charging base to engage your customer anywhere in the store. Upgrade to MePOS Lite+ and convert easily from a fixed Point of Sale to a  fully mobile Point of Sale by removing both your  tablet and payment device and connecting them together to create MePOS Mobile. This mobile Point of Sale solution allows staff to engage with customers and process transactions where and how the customer chooses.

Intelligent Charging

MePOS Lite & Lite+ feature intelligent charging with power supplied via the connector in the stand. Clutter from OEM cables is eliminated and you save money long term on replacing damaged or stolen cables.

A Rainbow of Colours

High gloss polycarbonate panels and skins can be customised in your choice of colour or custom graphics, giving you the option to stay minimal with classic black or white or generate real impact with a colour to match your brand or store design.

How to buy

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about MePOS Lite & Lite+ and to find out how to purchase MePOS Lite & Lite+ or become a reseller.

Technical Specification