Small Is Beautiful: Why EPOS Is Downsizing

When it comes to electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems, small isn’t just beautiful, it’s practical too. For one thing, the shrinking size of EPOS systems makes them more efficient from a mobile perspective but, mobile capability isn’t the only advantage to downsizing your EPOS, so here’s a few more.

Aesthetically pleasing

Whilst the fundamental purpose of any EPOS system is to process payments, look is important. A wealth of research has shown that layout and design influences customer purchasing decisions. Cumbersome cash registers that look unsightly and clutter up your counter don’t impress, but sleek modern EPOS systems, like MePOS, do. They also instil confidence in customers concerned with payment security who want to know your EPOS system is up to the challenge.

Great for small places

Space is important, especially if you have limited amounts. Smaller EPOS systems are great for stores that don’t have room to waste and want to optimise every bit of space they do have. MePOS Pro and MePOS Lite+ are perfect in these kinds of environments as the tablet and payment device are attached to a secure stand to create a sleek countertop EPOS that takes up minimal room. And it’s quick and easy to detach both devices and turn them into a mobile POS with MePOS Mobile.

Ergonomically friendly

Clutter is not conducive to productivity. A large EPOS system that comes with lots of loose cables and extra parts takes up space and makes life awkward for your employees. The smaller and more contained your EPOS system is, the more space your employees have to move around and work. This not only looks more professional to customers, but it will also speed up payments as employees who are not having to work around mess or move items out of the way, will work more efficiently.

Great for advertising

POS advertising is not a new concept. Retailers have been strategically placing products and marketing material close to cash registers for decades, but it has to be done right. The smaller your EPOS system, the more creative you can be; a sleek EPOS surrounded by attractive product displays is likely to encourage more last-minute at counter sales than a large POS surrounded by yet more clutter. But, why not go one step further and make your EPOS system part of your advertising? The interchangeable panels of the MePOS can be printed with customised graphics to your design, giving the perfect opportunity to upsell at Point of Sale or just showcase your brand.

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