Unique Secure are thrilled to share the news that we’ve opened a new company in China: Guangzhou Unique Secure Technology Co., Ltd. This is an exciting step forward for Unique Secure and an important part of our entry into the Asian market. The new company will act as a service office for Unique Secure UK and will focus on design, production, quality management, sourcing and logistics. Whilst we have been operating in China for over a decade already, the move to opening an office and having a presence located right where we build our products, gives us greater control over our supply chain and assures quality. The new company is staffed entirely by trusted Chinese nationals and is led by people we have built a relationship with over the past 10 years. Staff from the UK design and production teams will visit regularly.

Guangzhou Unique Secure Technology Co., Ltd shows significant progress but we’re not stopping there. In the future, we intend opening another new company, Unique Secure Hong Kong, putting us in the perfect position to do business in Asia.

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