Why My Business Hub by Worldpay is the right solution for me.

smallbusiness.co.uk wrote an article on selecting the right POS terminal for your business. One of those highlighted was the My Business Hub by Worldpay. The article written by Anna Jordan, is from Mark’s point of view as a business owner looking to find the right solution for his business.

Mark uses the slick My Business Hub POS to help run his salon, appearance was key in choosing a POS system for salon owner Mark Rea. He explains how My Business Hub helps him give better customer service.

We first introduced My Business Hub by Worldpay in March 2017, and we have recently purchased a second device to help meet the needs of our busy business.

Worldpay offers a range of accessible price points for their POS, which meet the needs of your business. For the price you pay for the Business Hub, it is worth every penny – instead of spending hours working out how much money you have earned that day, you can just log on, have a look and it’s all there.

Lessening the burden

The most important thing for me was finding a smart point of sale that would go beyond simply taking payments. I was looking for a system that would help reduce the daily administrative burden that comes with running a business. Before, I had to calculate manually how much I had taken each day. With My Business Hub, I have a single view of cash and card transactions at the touch of a button.

A specific consideration for my business was appearance. In our industry, looks matter, so having a slick and modern system fits in well with the look and feel of my salon.
My Business Hub does everything a small business owner needs. It cuts down on paperwork by automating the reconciliation of cash and card payments.

Better customer service

It also features a detachable Android tablet, offering the flexibility to serve customers from anywhere in the salon. This flexibility means I can spend more time with customers, enhancing the overall experience, while also helping to reduce queues at busy times.

Ultimately these were the things that most influenced my decision, as it leaves me with more time to get back to what I love: spending time with clients and growing my business.

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