Why the Right EPOS Hardware Matters

Point of Sale (POS) systems are central to any consumer business. Choose wisely, and your POS system will ensure your business functions optimally, that processes run smoothly, and that your customers receive a high level of service. Part of this is down to the POS software you choose, but, whilst it can be tempting to concentrate fully on this when deciding which POS system is for you, ignoring the hardware can be a mistake. For one thing, your POS software is only as good as the hardware enables it to be. You can have the best software out there for your business, but combine it with the wrong hardware and it won’t function to its full capacity. Need more convincing? Here are a few other reasons why you should pay attention to your POS hardware.


Whilst there are many points to consider when selecting your POS hardware, first and foremost, you need to ensure that it is compatible with your POS software. If not, you will run into any number of problems, which will impact your sales and your customer service – customers want speed and a system that is constantly breaking down won’t live up to today’s high expectations. Some POS companies offer packages which include both hardware and software, and purchasing this way ensures full compatibility between the two – but how does the POS system work with other technology in your business?


From bulky static tills to small mobile devices that are easily carried around, POS hardware varies substantially, and one system does not suit every business; small mobile devices with limited functionality are perfect for small businesses that travel and regularly take payments at events and shows, but would really limit a larger store with high numbers of customers coming through the doors.

Finding hardware that fits in with the way your business works and that accommodates the way your customers shop and pay will make a huge difference to your efficiency and speed of payments, but what if your requirements vary from day-to-day, season-to-season or if your needs are likely to change in the future? Which hardware do you choose? What if you could have both? Well, with MePOS, you can. The modular MePOS system can be set-up however you want – as a static till, a self-service kiosk or a mobile payment device, and you can quickly switch between all three. And, no matter where you are in your premises you can take advantage of the wireless printing – another function to think about when choosing your POS hardware. Other considerations for mobile systems are how mobile do you need them to be? Tablet based systems, like the MePOS, are popular, and offer many advantages. But, think battery life and charging ability. A POS system that runs out of battery half way through a busy period will massively hinder your sales.


Whichever system you go for, it needs to be set-up, configured and maintained. Different POS hardware providers will have different levels of customer service, so think about how hands-on you want and can be. If you don’t want to be stuck sorting out tech issues, then find a POS provider that prides itself on its customer service and does all the set-up for you.


Your POS system is going to get a lot of use. It is at the core of your business and will used by staff and potentially customers. So, unless you want to be replacing it often, you need hardware that can stand up to the environment you work in, which for restaurants could be food and drink spills but in a small store it may not be more than dust and scratches from finger nails.

No matter how careful you and your staff are, however, problems are bound to happen, and what happens when they do? Consider how your POS system will cope. Flexible modular systems like MePOS that can easily be transformed and moved around are perfect in this scenario, as one element going wrong is unlikely to interrupt your whole system, and replacing one bit, like a single tablet, tablet skin or the panels on a MePOS Pro, is cheaper, easier and quicker than replacing a whole till.

Customer needs

To be successful, you need to keep your customers happy and more and more people are turning to mobile payments, using mobile wallets instead of cash or debit cards. Not all POS hardware is near field communication (NFC) enabled, but it is a good idea to choose a system that is, otherwise your customers are left without the contactless option – one of the fastest and most popular payment methods available today.

Brand advertisement

Brands are important – establish a good one and customers will not only remember you but will also keep coming back. Getting your brand out there is an important part of marketing, and your POS system can help with this. Customers spend time interacting with your POS system, so it makes sense to bring the look in line with your brand. This can be a challenge as most POS systems are fairly generic looking, but not MePOS, as removable, customisable panels can be customised with any design you choose – find out how to customise your MePOS today.

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