Internships are crucial to students growth and readiness for their working lives

Here at Unique Secure, having an intern join us each year is something we’ve done for the past 5 years. As interns come and go so do their skills and passion and having a new, fresh perspective is something we welcome. We asked our latest intern, Jake to share with us how interning with us has helped him.

Jake Bradley – Industrial Design Student at Loughborough University

Before Unique secure I spent the last 2 years studying Industrial design at Loughborough University. When it was time to apply for placements in third year I knew I wanted to be with a company that could spend one- to- one time teaching me and offer a range of work throughout the year. Unique secure was the best company for this and during my visit to the office, I realised it was the most suitable position for me. .

In the past year Unique secure have given me the opportunity to engage in an immersive design experience at a globally operating company. My time here has been both enjoyable and educational, having been taught numerous skills revolving around design, and tools needed to produce excellent work that’s beneficial for myself and the company. Skills including; Adobe CC, Solid works CAD modelling, 3D printing, physical model making and graphic design, all of which I have improved upon incredibly since starting at the company thanks to the help of the design and sales team.


Going into my final year of university I know that if there ever be a time where I need advice on a project or help with sourcing materials, parts or anything else, the team here at Unique secure will be available to advise me with what to do. There’s a lot of knowledge I’ll be taking from my year as an intern here that I know I’ll be able to apply to my future career and for that I am thankful.

Left to Right, Carlos Da Silva – Lead Design Innovator, Michael Day – Sales Engineer, Jake Bradley – Engineer Intern & Karolis Svirskas – Design Engineer

Jake has been a valued member of our team and we wish him every success with his final year and career to come!

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